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An experimental platform for building the peer web sponsored by Microsoft

No Internet? No problem.

Communicate with other local devices without any Internet support using BLE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.

Stay in sync

Thali takes care of offline/online syncing by replicating JSON data and binary attachments.

Your Phone is a Web Server!

Write your web interface using Cordova and run your Node.js server code on iOS and Android.

Postcard app syncing on Android

Postcard app

To demonstrate the Thali Cordova plugin we created the Postcard app which sends messages or 'postcards' across mobile devices equipped with Smart Bluetooth. Postcards can be added, updated and deleted and any changes will be automatically synchronized across devices. Future plans for Postcard app are available as part of Thali developer stories.

Watch video of Postcard app showing Cordova plus Node.js all running on Android plus local peer to peer communication over BLE and Bluetooth to share content between phones.

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Serval and Thali

http://www.goland.org/serval_and_thali/ - I have been following the Serval project for several years now with the hope that they would solve Thali’s radio problems. For a variety of reasons that wasn’t possible in Serval’s early days but now things are progressing and I’d love to see what is possible. I’ve written the previously linked article in order to get myself re-aquainted with Serval and to compare and contrast how Serval and Thali work. My plan is to talk to Paul Gardner-Stephen the lead on Serval to see if we can figure things out. Read More ›

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