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More goodbyes and hellos plus product updates

At the start of this month Alexander Evsyuchenya said goodbye to the Thali project. You can read a summary of his outstanding contributions to Thali in our Alumni Page. Also make sure to catch his article on the Multi-Peer Connectivity Framework which captures some hard earned lessons.

Replacing Alex on our iOS team is Alex. In this case Alexander Telegin who joined on 10/21/2016. He is already contributing by helping us to move to Swift 3 and doing some deep dive investigations into what we can do with BLE on iOS (on iOS 10 it looks like we can run as both a central and a peripheral in the background!).

Also joining the team for just one month is our Node.js intern, Igor Serzhan. Igor joined on 10/31/2016 and already has several PRs to help us support iOS at the node layer under his belt.

In further fun I just came back from Rockwell’s Automation Fair in Atlanta Georgia where Rockwell officially announced TeamONE (formerly Project Stanton) and yes they announced Thali Support! Although it doesn’t ship until next year.

Right now we have Wifi mode on both Android and iOS working well and we also have Bluetooth/BLE support on Android working well. If you want to play with them probably the easiest way to start is to head over to https://github.com/thaliproject/thaliTestApp and give it a try!

We should have iOS Multi-peer Connectivity Support ready in a few weeks. All the native code is done and fully tested. We are just finishing up integrating it into our Node code.

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