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Saying thank you and good bye to old friends and welcoming a bunch of new faces to Thali

Microsoft had agreed to incubate Thali until around April of this year. So team members assigned to the project all more or less left at that point. I’ve updated our alumni page to cover them all and describe their accomplishments. New entries are included for David Douglas, Matthew Podwysocki, Oguz Bastemur, Shawn Cicoria, Toby Bradshaw and Tomi Paanananen. I wax on quite a bit there about what they did and why we are greatful. So a big thank you to all of you!

Rockwell Automation has brought on board a bunch of new folks to work on Thali. Some are Rockwell Automation employees but many are working through two companies that Rockwell has brought on board, Hiqo and Janea.

CompanyNameStart DateAssignment
 Alexander Evsyuchenya7/2016iOS
 Andrew Aladev7/2016Node.js
 Artem Stepanishchev7/2016Node.js
 Dersim Davaod8/2016iOS
 Evgeni Vabishchevich7/2016Android
 Ilya Laryionau7/2016Team lead and iOS
 Katsiaryna Vasileuskaya8/2016Android
Rockwell Automation   
 Jaroslaw Slota3/2016Maintain CI, test Android and integrate Thali with Stanton
 Marcin Lesniczek6/2016Same
 Marek Czyz3/2016Same
 Diego Marino Monetti7/2016JXcore (especially on iOS)
 Enrico Giordani7/2016JXcore (especially on Android)

And of course there is one last person working on Thali, yours truly, Yaron Y. Goland from Microsoft.

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