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Thali at Rockwell's TechEd 2016

http://bit.ly/28PBIBB. Rockwell was kind enough to invite me to fly out and give a short (8 minute) talk as part of their overall keynote regarding Project Stanton, Rockwell’s software that leverages Thali. You can see the whole Stanton keynote here.

If you don’t know much (as I don’t) about manufacturing then it’s worth your time to watch the whole thing. It’s only 47 minutes. But it will teach you a lot about what computing looks like in factories, what kind of challenges folks in factories have to deal with and where factory tech is going. As someone coming from an Internet software based background it is a radically different world. In some factories the phone in someone’s pocket is one of the most powerful computer in the whole place! Check out 13:08 for the realities of trying to provide Internet in a factory.

Kyle Reissner (the engine that makes Stanton go) starts his introduction of my part of the keynote here and the actual talk starts here.

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